Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Splash Park

We have two splash parks in the city we live and we've decided that the tax dollars that went towards these delightful parks are by far the best tax-paid-money that our city could spend. It's FREE to the public and the kids adore getting soaked in this Texas heat. We bring some chairs, a picnic blanket, a cooler and some toys and whalla! The kids are in heaven playing gleefully in the water while Mom, Dad and Baby sister bask in the shade on the side. It's a self contained wonderland for all! So, if you have a splash park in a city near you and you've been contemplating whether or not it's a good thing trust me when I say "RUN, don't look back, take your kids!". Your life will forever be changed! You'll love, love, love, love it!!!

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