Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Summer is coming to an end...

Yes, I am still alive. If you keep up with me on Facebook you know that, but if you do not-well-Yes, I'm still breathing, taking in food and water and living on this earth. LOL!

The summer! Where do I begin? This summer has been the busiest summer of my life. Three kids is great, but where does the time go? I wake up and before I know it it's bedtime again. We've been on the go and on the move since school let out and I don't know where the summer has gone, honestly. We've packed in activities, doctor's appts., dentist appts, trips to the lake, trips to see both sets of grandparents, cousins, friends, etc etc etc. Life has just been a whirlwind of good times the past two months.

The kids...

Jacob will be entering first grade in 13 days. My little baby that I would sit and rock for hours in my lap is now a first grader! That just amazes me beyond words. It's really tripping me out, actually. I just don't know how those years flew by so quick! He just had his yearly check up and he was over the curve for weight and height. I could probably wear his shirts comfortably and his head touches my shoulder blades now. He's getting too big, too fast! We joke and tell him that we're going to put a brick on his head and rope it there to make him stop growing. He's such a cool kid and I love him to pieces.

Joshua is four and still the little devil he's always been. He's matured quite a bit and will reason with us now, which is nice. I really hope the next year he matures even more because I can't even imagine him in a class room setting at this point. He'll definately be the one to give us a run for our money when he is in school. I'm really worried about his behavior and social skills. He's more aggressive and outgoing than Jacob ever thought about being. With that being said, he's extremely smart and extremely motivated when it comes to learning and life. He really thinks things through and has an engineer's mind when it comes to building things and creating. I love to watch him flourish and blossom. When he's not being mischeivious he does enjoy sitting with me and snuggling on the sofa. He's still my baby boy and he knows that he always will be. I try to remind him of that on a daily basis.

Sarah. She's just my tiny, sweet, baby girl. I don't know how else to describe my little priss other than she's pure perfection. She's the easiest, sweetest little girl I've ever known. She has such a great spirit about her and everyone that meets her can tell right away that she's a good girl. Her smile is delightful and her laugh is the cutest girliest laugh. We laugh when she laughs just because it's that cute! She's a blessing beyond words to our family and I thank God for her and the boys each and every day.

So, that's a run down of our life this summer. I wish I had more time in my day to hang out on the computer like the good old days and blog more. I just am enjoying my life and the kids and well, at the end of the day sleep is pretty darn important to me. I know one day that I'll have more time and that these days will pass quickly so while I'm in the moment... I'm enjoying it and eating every ounce of it up!

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