Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Another cold...

I swear everytime I get back into exercising at the Y we get sick. It all starts with the kids catching it and then it circulates through the house. Josh caught it first. Jacob second. Mr. Big third. Today-guess who has a sore throat? If you guessed ME, then you were right!

Ugh!!! Someone make this go away and quick! I started Zicam this morning and am taking it every three hours. My nose is running and I've got sinus drainage. I'm not congested, Thank God! No cough (yet). So-we'll see how fast the Zicam kicks it.

Any other home remedies you can think of?


andria said...

We used to go to the Y and the same thing happened to us. We had to finally quit going and we haven't really been sick since. I am in no way suggesting you quit going, just wanted you to know, I know what you mean.

Adie said...

Best home remedies are:

Honey, every hour during an infection, otherwise three times a day (tablespoon). Best honey would be Manuka (New Zealand honey) but failing that, use an organic natural honey.

Vit C and Zinc, adults can take up to 5000mg for first two days of an infection (viral or bacterial), then reduce down. I give the kids 1000mg for the first two days of a cold, then go back to 500mg.

Herbal remedies that are THE biz...
1. Ivy-Thyme (an expectorant)
2. Echinacea (immune booster)
3. Galeopsis (for coughs/chest/lungs)

These REALLY work. My kids were constantly getting colds, which turned into chest infections, because of having asthma I was told, but now I think they constantly got sick because I was constantly treating the symptoms, and never building up their body to fight it off themselves. We've not had hardly a cold or infection since Christmas..which is a miracle in our house, seeing as how the average was one infection a month, needing steroids/antibiotics etc.
Good luck!

Sacha said...

Perhaps the Y is where the sickness is originating?