Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Jacob at three

Jacob is a delightful child. From the time he was born we've basked in his delightfulness. He's always smiling. Always giggling. He just brings a smile to your face no matter what. He has a kind heart and a caring way about him. He's always the first one to share his toys and the first one to help someone that looks to be in distress. He's quick as a whip. He's smart like his father, not his mother. He has a sense of pride in everything he does. He takes his time and shows patience while working through problems or situations. You can see the wheels turning when he's fully concentrating on something.

He loves Toy Story. He watches the movie atleast once a day. He has quite a few Buzz Lightyear and Woody toys and you can find him playing "Good guy, Bad guy" with them all day long. He has an imagination that won't quit. He loves to interact with his toys, talking and making pretend. He's fun to watch. It reminds me of my brother and I when we'd sit on the floor and play with my brother's Star Wars figures.

He is in a size 4T, still fits in some of his 3T (depending). He wears a size 10.5 to 11 shoe. He is in underwear full time and is mostly potty trained. He still has some accidents at night which are soaked up by Pull ups (Thanks Huggies!). He loves Chocolate milk and Orange Juice. His favorite junk food is french fries and ketchup. He devours purple grapes and bananas. He loves the outdoors and spends every evening climbing on his playground in the back yard. He sings and dances around the house daily. He's very energetic!

I can say with ease that Jacob will grow up to do great things. He's smart, talented and witty. He has all the qualities that I had wished he would have. He's only three, but I see great things in his future. He's my pride and joy.

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