Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Toy Story

Jacob adores the movie Toy Story. I love the movie as well. BUT----

How many times can a preschooler physically sit and watch the movie? I mean will this obsession ever go away. I'll let you know. So far we watch atleast one Toy Story movie a day. Red or Blue (meaning Toy Story 1 or 2).

To Infinity and Beyond!


Kristin said...

My little guy watches it a lot too, at least every day!!
My four year olds first phrase was ' To infinity and beyond!' that proceeded with a leap off the couch!!

monique said...

It will end but only to be replaced by another favorite

Colleen said...

My daughter used to love Finding Nemo, but now she finds it too scary. Too bad for me because Nemo is quite entertaining! Her favorite varies. Right now she's into different TV shows like Dora, Diego, Little Bear, Franklin. I kind of like it better when she's into a movie. It gives me a bigger chunck of time to get some stuff done like laundry!