Thursday, September 21, 2006

One of my Favorites

I absolutely love Fall. Fall is one of my favorite seasons because I love the falling leaves, the colors of the foliage and the pumpkins. I love Halloween and Thanksgiving. My favorite holiday is Christmas and the Fall leads straight into it. I feel frisky around this time of year. I conceived both my boys in October/November and I can't help but think that it is not a coincidence that I conceived them in two of my favorite months. I hope that means good things to come in the conception department in the not too distant future (die cysts, die!).

I'm chomping at the bit to decorate our yard and home with Halloween decor'. I am just waiting for October to roll around so I can put out my pumpkins and scarecrows. Jacob has noticed the displays at the stores and has started asking about the season. I love explaining things to him and watching him grow. As he tacks on another year he is more coherent and worldy. He actually "gets" it. I love that.

Joshua on the other hand is clueless. His innocence and sweetness enwraps me. I hold onto that and love watching him experience things for the first time. It is just as amazing as it was with Jacob. Maybe even more so because I know how fast he will grow. I really treasure all of his firsts.

The boys are going to be super heroes for Halloween. We usually just go over to family and friends house to show them off and beg for traditional Halloween candy. I try to steer clear of strangers houses. Our city hosts lots of Fall festivals and Trick or Treat days in the parks in our area. I will more than likely pack the truck up with our wagon and take the boys to that. We also do a traditional run to the pumpkin patch and take lots of pictures.

I can't wait until I can sip my Pumpkin Latte from Starbucks and breath in the cool, non-humid air of the Fall. I'm ready for the high Texas temps to disappear and enjoy some sweater weather (as much as you can in Texas).


Jerri Ann said...

meeee tooooooooo!

Darchele said...

We go to the Zoo Boo at the Houston zoo. They have a costume contest, booths for the kids to stop and get candy, and alot of new babies at the zoo.

Bev said...

Love fall! I can't help but think that the reason you like fall into winter is because Houston never gets freakishly cold......That is something i would gladly leave Chicago behind for!

I, too, have noticed that my older son seems to be 'getting' things, now. I think it is so cool!