Friday, September 15, 2006

The Reward

Tomorrow we are taking Jacob to the Astros game. We told him a couple months back that if he started using the potty and wore big boy underwear that we would take him to the ball game. He was delighted and instantly started using the potty full time. He is doing so well and we are so proud. We bought the tickets and we're making good on our deal.

Not only is he going to the Astros game without his little brother who is being watched by his grandparents, but his very best friend is coming along with us (with HER parents, we're not that nuts!). So, he is just going to be in heaven.

Teeball starts next Thursday. I think seeing a real ball game will give him an idea of what baseball is all about. He knows that you whack the ball with the bat, but doesn't really get the concept of running the bases. "Little Stuff" Ball is pretty much an instructional course with the parents there to handle the little ones. Jacob is pretty well behaved so I think he will do fine as far as listening and absorbing the information. I am more concerned about his interaction with the team members. I think being on a team sport will do him some good. We're working on his socialization skills and hoping he comes out of his shell a little more over time. Staying at home with the kids has made it tough in that department because there are only so many social things you can take them to do. I try though, I do.

So-tomorrow should be fun and next week should be too. I love being the Mom of two boys. I was never really a frilly girly-girl to begin with. I think God gives you what you can handle and obviously he hasn't forked over a daughter to me yet so I must be meant to handle frogs, mud and scrapes on knees. Secretly-you would think I'd want a girl next time----Nope, I'd love another boy. Shhh!

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