Thursday, September 14, 2006

Rockstar Supernova

I have been watching Rockstar Supernova. Yesterday was the finale where the band picked the front man. I was rooting for Toby and Dilana and they picked Lukas. I don't mind Lukas. He's okay. I just wasn't all that into his deep, death rock type voice. He just wasn't my favorite. Of course they said that they wanted to go with their public since he got the highest number of votes. Whatever! They always liked him and always complimented him. I never saw what they thought was so GREAT about him each performance. So, a tad disappointed in the outcome. I will not go see them in concert, but I hope they do well. I hope Dilana and Toby do something with themselves and make a career for themselves.

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Andrea said...

I watched Rockstar as well. I LOVED Toby, but Lukas seems to fit with the band vocally.
We got our tickets before they even announced the winner - I just love Gilby Clark (have since his GNR days). Yes, I am a dork, but, hey, I am married to one too so it all works out in the end....