Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Camera Envy

I've had camera envy for a long time. We had an older Nikon that took a fall and the bottom broke where the battery went. The camera technically still worked, but we stopped using it because it was frustrating to hold the bottom while shooting pictures. My parents purchased a newer Nikon and they pretty much just handed it over to us with the understanding that we'd email them daily/weekly photos of the kids. That was no problem considering I keep my camera very accesible around the house. It's a 24/7 photo shoot here. I have the best subjects!

I currently have camera envy. I would like to purchase a camera that will grow with our family. A camera that is not too hard to figure out, but also takes more professional quality pictures. It would have to be inexpensive, user-friendly, and take great pictures. I am open for suggestions.

One of my passions is photography. I love looking at pictures taken by other people. I enjoy taking my own pictures. It is art. I love life and people. What a better way than to photograph life as you meander your path.

Let her rip! Give me some suggestions or ideas. Thanks!

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Adie said...

Hi Aimee

I too have camera envy! We have a wonderful, wonderful Nikon, and it works brilliantly, but it's about 18 years old. Still works great..but I'd love the digital version of it! I used up 8 rolls of film on a recent trip to Ukraine and Budapest (and it was only for 5 days!).

The real camera envy kicked in, when in Budapest we were looking in a camera shop window, and I saw the next camera UP from ours (ours is the F50, this was the F70) in the ANTIQUE section of the window display..... says it all, doesn't it?!