Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Post Turkey Day Recap

Thanksgiving has come and gone. I'm not sure how or when it decided to speed by me like a flash of light. Life with two kids has made the months and years run by with the speed of a cannon ball. It's amazing my life seems to be on fast forward.

Thanksgiving was wonderful minus the sick kids we had in tow. Joshua developed a cough the day before we left for Louisiana. Jacob was soon to follow suit. They actually were pretty good patients considering neither one of them could breath and they were both hacking up a lung (or both).

We celebrated with all the usual Turkey Day feast must haves. I over indulged on all the food and felt like a blimp afterwards. Thanksgiving is the one day a year that I really enjoy my plate. I also enjoy my dessert plate afterwards which is a treat times a million. Ahem, Pecan Pie.

The kids played with their cousins and fell in love with Louisiana. Jacob enjoyed going down to our place and hunting with Daddy this year. He didn't actually "hunt", but he did get to climb up into the blinds and ride on the four wheeler. In a three year old's mind that is hunting. Every night he would go to bed and ask me if we could go to the barn and ride the four wheeler when he was done taking his "nap". I would tell him yes and each morning he would run and jump in bed with me and exclaim that he was ready to return to the barn. He's his father's son through and through. He has a true passion for the outdoors!

Joshua was just glad to be along. He's my easy child. He's just happy to be alive, that kid. He drew everyone's attention with his blue eyes and beautiful smile. He has the cheekiest grin on earth. He wrinkles his nose, shows his left cheek dimple and shows those 7 pearly whites to everyone that talks to him. He's quite a joy. I was glad to show him off this year. Last year he was just a babe in swaddling clothes. Not anymore. I'm lucky to get him to sit in my lap for longer than five minutes these days.

Mr. Big did his marathon hunting. He brought home one doe. The deer were not in rut yet so they didn't spot alot of horns this year. The doe were moving and the smaller bucks were traveling in bachelor groups. He just has a nice time sitting in the stand and enjoying the great outdoors. He has a true knack for hunting and fishing. He lives the year to go and sit in that stand. I'm glad he got some time away to relax. He's been working hard and hasn't had much "me time" lately.

I was all over the place on this trip. I enjoyed some hunting, some shopping, some food, and some R&R. The kids were sick (as I mentioned above) so I didn't really have the freedom to travel all over like I normall do. I went shopping in the tiny town we stay in which is always fun. I love the antique shops and drug stores with gift shops. I actually have all of my Christmas shopping done after this trip.

We had a nice time away. I wish we had the chance for more trips like that. Life has been so hectic and busy lately. Two kids keep me very busy. I try to keep active and get the boys involved in activities/sports. Most of the time I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Mr. Big is working hard to get his business off the ground. He's been working long hours and weekends. He has deadlines to meet and goals to make. He has to be one of the most motivated people I've ever met. I'm glad he has a job he loves and is enjoying himself even though the hours are long and he's away from us so much. It's the times like these that are treasured when we have the time together as a family.

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