Thursday, January 18, 2007

I'm a Cleaning Machine!

Today I had the cleaning bug. The one that devours you. You start mopping your floors, then you vaccum your carpet and rugs, and then you start dusting, and then you start polishing and then you do some laundry and then you find yourself cleaning your shutters and then you are in the bedrooms washing the sheets and flipping over mattresses. Sigh! I make myself insane when this type of cleaning bug hits me.

I'm tired!


formerteacher said...

I had that bug this week too! Boy am I tired, but the house sure looks good! COurse, I did not flip any mattresses:)

Safire said...

I had that bug too! But I wore it out in my would not believe the amount of old cheese we had in there! But now it's all bright and shiny. :) Love that bug sometimes.