Friday, January 19, 2007

My Perfume is making me SNEEZE!

I have a couple bottles of old perfume under my cabinet in the bathroom. Most of them were from my working days when I actually dressed up, put on make up each day and wore perfume. Yea.

Today I decided to put some on. I thought I would feel sophisticated and mature even though I deal with young ones all day. I can't stop sneezing! How in the Hell did I ever wear this stuff? I think Salvation Army has it's name all over this bottle.

In other news, I am brewing a huge pot of beef stew and the house smells fantabulous!


Jen Taurus said...

I'm delurking. Stew sounds great right about now. Winter is supposed to check in NC tomorrow.

Jen T

D said...

Yes, but is it really beef? Wonering mins want to know!

D said...

Obviously I just realized that my "d" key is acting flippy. It shoul read "Wondering minds want to know!"