Sunday, January 07, 2007

It's 2007 and I'm already tired!

I can't believe it is January 7th. Time really needs to stop flying by like this. I feel like it was just October. Geesh!

We've had a busy holiday filled with family gatherings and parties held by friends. I have to admit that we have had the best of times lately filled with lots of laughter and happiness. The boys are blossoming. We're getting along great as a married couple and parents to two children. Life just seems so damn good right now. I always brace myself for the bottom to fall out during the good times. Like I want to splash some cold water on my face and wake up from this dream I'm having.

I anticipate 2007 will bring lots of happy, sad and not so great memories, just like any other year. I am always hopeful and faithful when I start a New Year out. I can only pray that 2007 is another great year for my family. I wish the same for you.

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