Saturday, February 24, 2007

31-Fine as Wine in the Summertime!

I am turning 31 tomorrow. I feel good about my thirties. Last year 30 came and I haven't missed a beat. I still feel vibrant and young. The boys keep me that way. Life is good and I'm very happy with my existence. I couldn't ask for more.

My parents are watching the boys for us this weekend while we enjoy some alone time. Today, while Mr. Big was networking, I went to the mall and enjoyed some shopping. I bought the boys Easter outfits at TCP. It was very strange to shop and not have atleast one unhappy child with me. Meltdowns always seem to occur while shopping. Today I enjoyed a Starbucks coffee while I casually strolled through the stores. I thought it felt nice, but a tad boring. I guess the constant chaos on a daily basis has grown on me.

Tonight we are going to indulge in some mexican food, margaritas and enjoy a show at a local comedy club. Tomorrow we are going on a date to the movies. I'm sure we will enjoy one another's company tonight to the full extent without worries of children wandering in on us. We are going to live it up because by tomorrow at this time the chaos will return. I wouldn't have it any other way!


Teachermom said...

Happy Birthday! :) I've already hit 32, so you know you're getting no sympathy from me...! LOL!

Jolene said...

Happy Birthday Aimee from another 32 year old. I'm envious of your plans. My 31st birthday was kid-free and included shopping, restaurants and a hotel, but it was also the first year I didn't get a cake, candles or a birthday wish. My husband isn't a planner. I'll make up for it this year :). Have fun!