Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It's a lay in the grass and watch the clouds kind of day...

I took the boys to the park this morning. The weather is beautiful here. It's not cold enough for a sweater, but just perfect for long pants and a short sleeve shirt. The sun is out and there is an occasional cool breeze blowing. The air is clear. It's just a perfect day to sit and watch the world around you.

The boys explored every square inch of the park. They climbed the playground equipment. They mingled with other children their ages. We enjoyed snacks at our picnic table. Of course, we had the tantrums to handle as Mom gathered them up to get back in the truck, but all in all the park was a great outing.

Then this afternoon after naps the boys asked to go outside in the backyard to swing. I obliged and pushed them in the swings for awhile while I enjoyed the nice weather and chitter chatter of my two sons. Eventually we worked our way into the yard where the boys played with their cars and trucks in the grass. I nestled myself belly down in the grass and took snap shots of them playing together. When I finished I put my head on my arms and just laid there with my eyes closed. I love days like this where you can enjoy nature, your family and all things around you.

Then the boys get ornery, hungry and thirsty and reality sets back in, but just for those minutes when the world is beautiful and peaceful, those are the moments I will remember when I'm old.

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SingerMomma said...

Oh how sweet! We had a beautiful day of 64 and now, the rest of the week will be back in the 30's. Gross! I'm so ready for the summer I can hardly stand it.

I have a new blog, ssheck it out man! ;0)