Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sweet Somethings

I watched my wedding video yesterday and shed a few tears. I can't help but cry every single time I watch it. It is touching and sweet. My wedding day was one of the most memorable and special days of my entire life. I will never forget how special and happy I felt on that day.

Tomorrow is a day to celebrate the love you have with your significant other. I raise my glass to my love because he puts up with me and comes back for more. He loves me to the inner part of my soul and I love him the same way right back. I can still look into his eyes and get the same goose bumps I got when we first met. I still enjoy his sweet kisses and his huge bear hugs that make me feel tiny in his arms. As silly as it sounds he completes me and I love him with everything that I can find in my soul to love him with. I was happy to marry him, build a family together and continue to grow old with him. I am one lucky gal!

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