Monday, March 26, 2007

Our Moms

I'll start with the good news. Today is my Mom's 55th Birthday. I am elated that she is still with us to celebrate her birthday. She is the epitome of what a grandmother is meant to be. Her and I have not always had the best relationship, but as I've grown into a woman and she's grown into an older woman we have come to terms on the fact that we are completely different people with completely different views on life. We've come to an "understanding" of sorts. We get each other on many levels, but we also don't get each other on more than many levels. We deal.

My Mom was diagnosed with a case of advanced congestive heart failure. She was given 6 years tops to survive it without a heart transplant. She has beat the odds and is living 12 years later with no heart transplant. Her Physician and Cardiologist are miracle workers and should be commended for their work. With medications and constant monitoring she is able to lead a good life doing the things she enjoys. She has her rough spots, but for now she is doing well and enjoying her grandchildren. This woman is breathing, eating, sleeping, and walking through life with Jacob and Joshua to keep her going. I believe these boys are what keep her alive. She loves them in a way I've never seen anyone love something. It's amazing!

Happy Birthday, Momma/Adda!

The bad news is that Mr. Big's Mom was put into the hospital on Friday morning. She went into work that morning and started having issues at her desk. She said that she experienced chest pressure, rapid heart beat, and couldn't catch her breath. Her co-workers immediately called EMS because they feared she was having a heart attack or something cardiac was going on. EMS came and by the time they got there she could hardly breath and had broken out into cold sweats with the pressure in her chest only getting worse. They took her to the ER at a local hospital and there they determined that her enzyme levels were slightly elevated. She went through an array of tests and all seemed to come back "ok", except the stress test which she failed due to pressure mounting in her chest again.

Today she is having a heart catheterization done. They think she might have narrowing of an artery leading to her heart or a blockage. The cardiologist is hoping that if they find anything he can put in a stint or do a balloon procedure to fix her heart up. She is extremely nervous and beside herself with nervousness. She truly is the pillar of good health and obviously we are all deeply concerned for her well being. We have all been praying and thinking good thoughts. I'd appreciate any thoughts you could throw her way today. We want her to grow old and give us a hard time as we grow old. She is one of the sweetest, genuine people I know and I hate that she is scared and hurting right now.


andria said...

I know how scary that is.

My otherwise healthy mother had a heart attack in Oct. and had double bypass surgery as a result. It was horrifying, especially since we weren't expecting it.

I hope that is something is wrong they can fix it with minimal invasiveness and if not that any surgeries go well. Well be praying.

Very cool about your mom....sounds like a miracle to me.

Jerri Ann said...

Happy Birthday to your mom and Mr. Big's mom has all of our positive thoughts.

D said...

Your mom freakin' rocks. I wish that my mom and I could be in the same situation but it is what it is.

I'll call you to see how W. is doing. Better, I hope.