Monday, March 19, 2007

The Usual

The ankle is better, yo! I can walk normally once again. I do have to watch how long I'm on my feet because the knobby part of my ankle throbs after prolonged outings and long walks on the concrete sidewalks. Otherwise, swelling is down and the brusing is minimal.

The boys both have colds. The weather has been crazy here and the pollen thick. I can't honestly tell if they have colds or allergies from the pollen. I am coating myself in antibacterial gels and soaps after each nose wipe and diaper change. I'm crossing my fingers I don't get sick and really crossing my fingers that Mr. Big doesn't get sick. Men are babies.

I did the Dream Dinners thing again last week with my MIL. We each did 6-six serving meals this time. We decided to split a package since we enjoyed it so much last time. I made some yummy meals and they are stockpiled in my freezer waiting to be eaten. I'm excited about that. I signed up for April and split a 72 serving meal package with my girlfriend. We're going to make it a girl's night out and have dinner afterwards and visit. I'm looking forward to that since she moved away this month and we haven't gotten to do our normal weekly activity.

I guess that's all I got this week. Life has been busy, but not much to share here. It's just the normal life of a SAHM.

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