Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday is here again.

The endless cycle of the week is here again. Another Monday is upon me. I use my Mondays to wash laundry and catch up on housework that went unnoticed during the weekend. We always spend our weekends running around and getting things done or just relaxing and spending time with one another. It is one of the only times we get to see Mr. Big in long intervals. He works long hours during the week you know.

This weekend we were all sick with colds. We went to Hollywood video and rented tons of movies. We let the kids pick some movies and we got some movies. I really enjoyed snuggling in our oversized chair hugging my husband while watching some movies. All the while we were mending our sick bodies. It was a win, win.

We enjoyed the nice weather last night and grilled out on our back patio. The kids played on the swings and slide. The dog pranced around with her chew toy. It was a splendid evening, indeed.

I just wish tomorrow was Saturday again...

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Teachermom said...

Oh, sorry you guys were sick! That is a bummer on the weekends, especially, because you feel like you didn't have any fun!

We are the OPPOSITE around here...we end up using part of the weekend for housework, since there never seems to be time to do it during the week. We get the little pick-ups done here and there, but the big stuff comes on the weekends. The laundry is ANOTHER story...I have so much to put away it's not even funny!