Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Mr. Big in a play?

Mr. Big is the narrator in an Easter play this year. He got suckered in by a friend at a church that we do not even attend. I guess the participation from paritioners was low? I bitched, moaned and complained and when I got over the thoughts of it taking time away from our family at night, I laughed-laughed, laughed some more and just laughed. Why did I laugh? Because it's hilarious! He hates acting, singing and performing on stage. He got suckered in. I made sure to enlighten him on the tiny two lettered word we should all know atleast a few times in our life...NO!

He did say NO when they brought him up on stage with a group and started choreography training. He meandered himself right off the stage. When asked why he left he told the producer "I'm sorry, I had to draw the line somewhere". Still the nice guy that Mr. Big.

Tickets anyone? :)


D said...

Tickets? I think you'll get some good YouTube material from this one!

Jerri said...

I could not see my husband doing that, that's the only time I think he would be able to say no. Enjoy!