Monday, April 02, 2007

Time keeps on slippin-slippin-slippin-away!

Jacob will be four in June. He is over 50 lbs on my scale and around 43 inches tall according to my tape measure. I plugged his height into the calculator that tells you how tall your child will be as an adult and it tells me he will be 6'5 at 18. I can't believe that one day my child will tower over me. He is a bundle of energy and loads of fun. I can carry a conversation with him and he gets everything I'm saying to him. He's a little person now that is able to do lots of things by himself. He can get dressed, go to the bathroom to wash his hands, clean up after himself, put his toys away, and help us around the house. He's so handsome with his blonde hair and beautiful crystal blue eyes. He is quick as a whip, just like his father. He has a great sense of humor with several jokes in his back pocket. He loves watching movies with his favorite being Toy Story (I and II) and Cars. He loves for us to read to him with his favorite books being the Mercer Meyer series. He asks tons of questions and remembers all he learns to share with others that might not know something about a certain topic he knows about. I can't believe he is going to be four in a few short months. I remember holding him for the first time and how the day seemed to stop. Time stood still in that moment. Not anymore...we're four years out and I still treasure this kid as I did the first day that time stood still.


Jerri said...

It is awesome when they are infants but it is really awesome too when they can make some conversation.

smiller7152 said...

I have a little girl who is supposed to be very tall too! It's crazy, she can almost wear my shoes and she is 7! And her Dad and I are pretty much little folks. :)