Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy 4th Birthday, Sir Jacob!


Four years ago today you made me a mother. You were born at 7:10 am in the morning by cesarean. I remember when the doctor lifted you from my body and held you in the air. You hesitated and then let out a cry that will forever be engraved in my mind. The nurses put you under the warmer and I listened to that cry for the next couple minutes until you were placed in my arms. I remember looking at your Father and seeing him cry tears of joy for you. I started crying and we both kissed one another as we celebrated little you. You were the best thing that had ever happened to me and I couldn't believe you were here.

Today you have grown so much. You are a little boy full of energy and joy. You grew so fast right before my eyes. I remember holding you as a baby and rocking you to sleep. You loved to cuddle with me and let me hold you. You were always a happy baby and hardly ever fussed. As you have grown, you have continued to be a happy child and still love for me to hold you and snuggle with you even though your legs hang down off of my lap. We share special moments together right before you go to bed. You love for me to give you kisses on the cheek and play with your hair. You have a special smell that only Mommy could identify. I shower myself in that scent and it too will forever be in my mind.

There are so many special things to say about you. How you laugh out loud and make everyone else laugh just because it is so funny. How you love to run and hug your Daddy when he gets home from work. How you love to play with your toys and entertain yourself for hours. How you love to watch Toy Story over and over again. The list goes on and on.

Son, I love you! You are my miracle. I will never forget how much your Daddy and I longed for you and how you filled a void in our hearts that we thought would never be filled. You were sent to us by God and it is evident each and every day just how special you are and how God must have sent you especially for us. You fit us perfectly.

Now, I must go and spend some time with you on your special day! You are 4 whole fingers! Can you believe it, Baby Boy?

Love you,


andria said...

That was so sweet.

Enjoy four because turning five is hard on the mommy.

Jolene said...

Happy Fourth Birthday Jacob! Cool cake.

Time does fly. My first born will be six on July 7. I've been keeping up with you and yours since about 2000.

After all you went through, your boys are definitely gifts from God.

Jen Taurus said...

Too cute. I'm glad you shared the pictures.

My princess would have been shaking in her faux heels at the sight of chuck e cheese. What a tough guy you have.

Enjoy those fingers and toes.