Saturday, June 16, 2007

Joint Party at the Chuck E Cheese Today!

My boys are having a joint birthday party at Chuck E Cheese today. Jacob is beyond excited. He has been counting down the days all week. Each morning he tells me how many more sleeps he has until his party arrives. Today he got up and ran into our bedroom and announced that today was his birthday! We politely told him that today was his party and that his birthday was actually on Monday. He told us that he was going to pretend that today was his actual birthday since he was having a party with pizza and cake. We couldn't really disagree and just said okay.

Joshua has been told about his party. He doesn't know what a party is yet so he doesn't really grasp the excitement of today. We had decided to make it a joint party because their birthdays are a couple weeks apart and Joshua just really doesn't understand the concept yet. Don't think he's getting the short end of the stick because we will celebrate with cake and punch on each of their actual birthdays. They will be celebrated individually too.

Jacob will be four years old on June 18th. Joshua will be two on July 5th. Time flies when you are having fun! I can't believe Jacob's age. That one really gets to me. He is growing so fast! I look back and I feel like these four years have raced by at rapid speed. I remember all the special moments from the past four years like they were yesterday. The best memories have been created just in his short life in my mind. I have such special places in my heart for each of my boys and when their birthdays roll around I really get sentimental and emotional. I celebrate them and their places in our family. They are both so unique and special!

Check my Flickr for pictures from today. You will agree just how handsome and cute these two kids are! Last statement came straight from the brain of their Momma... Tee hee.

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