Monday, June 04, 2007

How much oatmeal can I eat?

I had some bloodwork done a couple weeks ago to see if I had anything going on that would *hinder my fertility. Of course all the bloodwork came back shining with nothing that would hinder my fertility, cholesterol level came back high (**again). It was 279 and a normal level is 200 or under, I think.

My doctor suggested that I exercise 30 mins a day and watch my Trans and Saturated fats. Also eat some oatmeal in the mornings and just watch what I'm eating in general. I am also cutting all fried foods out of my diet completely (bye-bye McDonald's french fries...sniff! sniff!).

I have eaten atleast one bowl of oatmeal per day since my tests results came in, sometimes two. I've tried every variety that I can find. I've made it homemade the old fashioned way. I've bought the instant with different flavors. I'm not a huge oatmeal fan to begin with so I'm learning to acquire the taste. I guess getting old (31) your taste buds change and you slowly start to like things you swore you'd never enjoy. I'm not eating prunes yet, but oatmeal is a start into geriatric-hood.

*Onto IUI #6!

**I have lowered my cholesterol before and once I lowered it I went right back into my bad habits. I will lower it again and keep it lowered, promise!

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andria said...

Good Luck on number 6....I'll send good thoughts your way.