Saturday, June 02, 2007

Garage Sales

One of the things I enjoy doing is going to Garage Sales on the weekends. Mr. Big also enjoys it and it's something we enjoy doing together. The boys tag along and Jacob has discovered that some garage sales have good toys to behold. Today he bought a knight figurine that cost him ten cents. He was so proud of his purchase. Joshua just enjoys sitting in the stroller and enjoying the scenery. He's still clueless about what is going on. I bought the Left Behind Video series and a book about houseplants for my Mom. Mr. Big bought a box of galvanized nails for fencing and a fan. I think we spent $10 total or a little over. Gotta love bargains and it's something we enjoy doing together.

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Teachermom said...

I was on the OTHER side of the garage saling this weekend! We had our huge, 100+ house garage sale. I actually did walk down the street with the kids at one point and came back with a bike helmet for M. and some flowers for my kitchen table.

But I am garage-saled out for a while. I think this big one kinda ruins me for the year. ;)