Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Chaos Returns!!!!

It feels like home again. The boys returned each sporting a nice summer time cold. You know the type, runny nose and cough. I'm so excited because I just did my 6th IUI cycle. Note the sarcasm in that sentence. Usually what happens is the kids catch cold, Dad catches cold and just as they are getting well...Mom catches cold. I'm just shy of wearing a surgical scrub mask around the house. I've been coating my hands and arms in antibacterial gel and lotions.

Lord, if you can answer one of my prayers, please don't let me get this cold. Oh, and please make me pregnant. I've been really good lately!

Now, back to the chaos!


formerteacher said...

Hope that you don't get that nasty cold! We all know there are no sick days for moms!
Glad life is back to normal now that the boys are back. I'm also thinking positive thoughts that this cycle is IT!

andria said...

I am praying for you.