Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Getting geared up for the 4th...

I have been slaving in the kitchen today getting my famous potato salad prepared and the cake for Joshua's birthday made. One of the things I enjoy doing most (besides sex) is cooking. I really love to get my hands dirty and slave over the stove. It's just one of my many talents(har har). Seriously, I do love it and I've had a fun day preparing things for tomorrow.

We're having a small group over for a mid-afternoon dinner and fireworks afterwards. Fireworks at the park, of course, because we are in the city limits. Don't go gettin' all crazy thinking on me! I haven't lost all my marbles, yet.

I hope you and yours have a fabulous family filled 4th of July! Enjoy yourselves.

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D said...

Speaking of lost marbles, you should see the show B puts on out front every year. Living in the boonies, no one cares. Heck, our neighbors kick in funds and bring their lawn chairs!