Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy Birthday, My Little Firecracker!

Dear Joshua,

Hello Baby boy! Today is your 2nd birthday!

Two years ago yesterday I was sitting in the recliner in our living room rocking watching the fireworks on television with our family. I was rubbing my belly and knew that I would have you the following day. I remember that day so vividly and remember thinking to myself how much I loved carrying you and having you all to myself. The next day you were born.

You came into our lives and we instantly loved you. Jacob was smitten with you from the time he laid eyes on you. I could tell you two would be best friends and sure enough you both are. I will never forget the past two years we've created as Mother and Son. You are definately a Momma's boy and I hear about it from friends and family all the time. I just shrug it off because I love our relationship.

You have a vibrance about you that attracts people. You are fearless and strong. I recognize your bravery and strong willed personality. You will go far my son with your determination. You are a wonderful little guy and I can't imagine life without you in it. Your smile lights up my heart every time I see it. Your laugh lights up my soul every time I hear it.

Last night after we watched the fireworks light up the night sky I rocked you to sleep in my arms. It was like any other night except I remembered back two years prior and then a year prior and as your legs hung down over my lap I felt sad. Sad that you have grown so much. Then I felt a sense of pride and happiness. Happiness that you are mine and that you still let me rock you to sleep. Pride that you were sent to us from God above and we are so blessed to have you in our lives.

I love you, Baby Boy! You will always be my sweet baby.


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