Monday, July 09, 2007

The Dog Days of Summer

Texas in the summer is not my favorite place to be. Every year around this time I swear we're packing up and moving into a milder climate. I just can't hang with these high temps and the dreaded humidity. I have been pregnant twice through this heat and had my boys in June/July when the heat is high. I just pray that when I am pregnant again (at this rate never) it will be in cooler months. Life is just lazy for me in this heat. I could spend every day at the beach sitting in the water as the sun beat down on me. I can't hang with long walks on the concrete and sitting in the park with absolutely no breeze in 98 degree heat. No thank you!

Dear Fall-I can't wait to greet you with open arms! I hope you bring lots of cool weather this year for me. I miss you!

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formerteacher said...

I can't stand being that hot either! Yesterday and today in Illinois have been about as hot as what you're experiencing. Having such cold winters, however, does make the heat not seem so bad!