Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Comfort Food

I'm making a huge pot of comfort food for dinner tonight. Beef Stew. I figured it would help me with my 6th BFN after my IUI cycle. Sooooooo... Bummmmmmmed!

I guess it means we'll be meeting with the RE about a Lap (3rd Lap in my history) to see if I have any return endo or return scarring of the fallopian tubes. Doesn't that sound dreamy? The only thing I look forward to is a day away from the kids at the hospital and the pain meds. Gah, I've really turned into a L-o-s-e-r!!!! **Putting L on forehead**

Off to gorge myself with beef, potatoes and stew liquids!


Teachermom said...

So sorry it didn't work - that sucks!

Hey, I can't write titles either. Some weird blogger thing, I guess.

formerteacher said...

Damn, I am so sorry!!! Having had multiple laps. myself, I know how much fun they AREN'T. I'm so sorry you have to have another one, and that this cycle wasn't it. Doesn't infertility suck!

Sara said...

I'm sorry Aimee, I was really hoping that 6 would be your magic number. If I ever find the magic baby wand I shall wave it above both our heads until we are pregnant.

I hope you enjoyed your stew.