Monday, July 30, 2007

Joshua: 24 months

Joshua is at a great age. He's starting to use his words more and his vocabulary is growing daily. He constantly says words that I didn't even know he knew. We joke because he really doesn't need to talk with his big brother around. I think he's finally figured out that he has a voice and we're so glad. He says the cutest things and I run for his baby book just about every day to write things down that he says to me. Some of my favorites are "abum dink" for apple drink, "ober" for over, and he calls his brother "Dee dee" instead of Jacob. He can say Jacob, but out of habit he calls him Dee dee, which I think is just the cutest thing ever. Jacob allows him to call him Dee dee, but if we call him Dee dee...we're not allowed. I find that so sweet on all levels.

He's finally hit a growth spurt again after a year of staying in 18-24 months clothes. Now he's in 2T and some smaller 3Ts depending. He is still in the size 5 diapers which he's been in for awhile. On our crummy bathroom scale he weighs about 32 lbs. He has a good appetite for the most part, but has started showing signs of toddler refusal. He will eat something one day and then refuse it the next. He loves pickles, nilla wafers and apples.

He has a few songs that he loves to sing. He sings "Rain, rain go away", Twinkle, Twinkle little star and the ABC song. He can count to 20, which I think is genius. He does it really fast and you can hardly catch that he just counted to 20, but when it registers in your brain that he did you just laugh because he's so quick about it.

His favorite thing to do is play with hot wheel cars and his Thomas the train set. He loves to get down on the level of the cars and watch their wheels in action. He has done this since he was about a year old. He loves to play with his big brother and doesn't mind being bossed around (for the most part). He's a pretty laid back kid and goes with the flow really.

Mischief is his middle name. I think it's his age though. He really is a good boy, but he can't resist to get into something that might be sitting on the counter or table that catches his eye. You know the glass of Mommy's water that just needs to have his hands all in it. Even though it's frustrating to me at times, it's all normal for his age and we know that.

I can't imagine our lives without Joshua in it. He is totally different than his brother at this age. He's fun to watch, fun to love and fun to have around. I just thank God for him every single day. If it were possible I'd ask God for five more of him, but for now... I'll just enjoy this one.


Jess T said...

BLAH! What is with the hands in cups, plates and toilets?! Sydney does the same thing and it drives me right up a wall, especially the toilet. Really! What is so fascinating?

They are a crack up though.

Pinching cheeks from here! He's too cute! :)

Melissa said...

Your boys are so AWESOME, cause they have an INCREDIBLE MOMMY!!!

I just love seeing and hearing about them. =)

How about I just pray for 5 more of them for you...or better yet 2 girls??;) You are always in my thoughts and prayers. A wonderful mommy like you deserves to have her hands as full as her heart is!

rachd said...

Your boys are too sweet! Just look at 'em!

And I second Jess, hands in everything, BLECH!! ;o)

Tiburon said...

Ok seriously could he BE any cuter!?!?

The Bristow School said...

Ian and Joshua would be two peas in a pod. They have such similar interests! I could just pinch his cute little cheeks!