Thursday, August 30, 2007

Open House

Jacob has Open House today for his preschool at our church. He is going to go one day a week starting next week. Thursdays will seem really quiet in my house from 9-2pm. What will Joshua and I do together? I think it will be good for Jacob and good for Joshua to get alone time with Mommy. He's very excited! I'm just glad it's not full blown preschool five days a week. I'm just not ready for that yet.


Tiburon said...

Sounds like the perfect start! Take lots of pics :)

Jolene said...

It will be nice for your little one to have mommy all to himself for awhile. I know Morgan loved the undivided attention when Ashley was at school.

Both Morgan and Ashley start school next Wednesday. Ashley will be in first grade and Morgan will start PreK. Her PreK program is five days a week, 3 hours per day. She can't wait. It sure will be hectic trying to get all three of us ready and out the door by 8:00 a.m. Ughh!

Thanks for stopping by the blog. To answer your question, I'm doing great at the moment - the girls are watching Monster's Inc. and giving me some computer time. Now if that darn washing machine would only run itself :)