Saturday, September 01, 2007

Sweet! It's Saturday.

I love the weekends! Mr. Big is off dove hunting this weekend in the San Antonio area. I miss him, but have a full weekend planned with my parents. Jacob spent the night last night with them. Joshua and I have been hanging out this morning. It's amazing how much he talks when Jacob isn't around to talk for him. I love hearing him use his words and tell me things. He is also enjoying all the toys in the house, not just an elite few that Jacob has picked out for him. He has free reign and I'm sure he's not quite sure what to do with himself. We're going to pack up and head over to my parents for some R&R in a little bit. It's always nice to let the kids play and let the grandparents enjoy them.

Labor Day is Monday. Mr. Big will be home Sunday afternoon and I'm not sure what we have planned. Sometimes when you don't have plans those days turn out to be the best. I'm hoping that for us. Hope you have a Happy Labor Day!

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Tiburon said...

Sound like a fantabulous weekend! The only it could be better is if I was there to share it with you! :)
You are lucky the grandparents are so close.