Saturday, October 06, 2007

ICU Day Two

Mom still in ICU for 2nd day. They ran additional tests today and will run the most definitive on Monday. The weekend has really put a damper on the full array of tests that they need done because the different Cardiology Specialists are not in the hospital over the weekend. My Mom is a trooper. They have her on heavy pain medications, anti-nausea medications, and they started her on Xanax today for her anxiety. Her situation is not good, but I'm hoping that they will have more answers on Monday with a proper course of action for her. The boys spent the night with their cousin Jesse and I'm going to try and get a good nights sleep. I have my pre-op appointment on Monday for my laparascopy. Just so much to look forward to in the next couple days. I'm not sure if I meant that sarcastically or not. I'm so exhausted. I'm spent.


Jess said...

Prayers coming your way Aimee. ((HUGS))

Adam's Mom said...

Oh sweetie! I am sorry about your mom. I have no words of comfort, I'm just not good at that, but please know I am sending out prayers for her. And asking for strength for you! big hugs sweetie!

Joani said...

Sorry Aimee, I Hope your appt goes well today.

Tiburon said...

Hey Aims
I called on Saturday and talked to Mr Big - he said you were in seeing Mom. I will try to call you later today. I hope you get some answers today.

Jess T said...


Sorry to come back and hear that you are continuing to have a rough time. I hope all went well yesterday and that your mother's condition is improving.

Thinking of you,