Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Breaking up is hard to do!

My Brother and his Girlfriend of a year and a half broke up this week. She decided that she wasn't in love with him anymore and moved out of their apartment to live with her best friend. My Brother is devastated. I'm worried about him because he has a past history with drugs and drugs lead to him getting into trouble (ie: jail time). Never in a million years did I think my brother would turn out the way that he has. We came from a good family with mostly good (ha!) values. He's got a lot of anger and pent up frustrations in him that I don't understand. I just hope that he can pull through this situation and not lean on drugs or alcohol to mask the pain.

He has been calling for the past three days crying on the phone. Today he seems to finally get that fact that she is gone and not coming home. He's really, really sad. I wish I could take his hurt away and make him understand that God is teaching him something and there is a reason for this. He's going through the motions right now and we'll be here for him to help him through this.

Sigh, Life is hard sometimes.


Lisa said...

I hope everything works out for him. I'll be praying for him.

Jolene said...

Ouch!!! Man that's rough. You're a great sister to have not turned your back on him. Maybe after he's over her, you could fix him up with a nice church-going lady. Sounds like he needs some structure and a stong-willed woman. Actually, all men need that :)

kristi said...

It seems to be very hard for men when relationships end. My brother is going through the same thing now.