Thursday, November 15, 2007

Did I say I liked Thanksgiving?

The prep work for Thanksgiving and traveling out of town to celebrate Thanksgiving blows! I am really excited to get out of town and spend time with our family, but crap... the preparation is rough!!! I washed and cleaned the van today. That took two hours. I had a bag full of garbage just from the van itself and let me tell you, it wasn't that cluttered. I'm bewildered where the trash was hiding in the van. Then I had grocery shopping to do and that was "fun". The list just goes on and on. I'll be glad when we're loaded up and pulling out of the driveway on our way. Of course, I'll be glad to be back home after a few days with children off schedules and away from their routines too!

What are you doing for Thanksgiving? Stressed?


Dani said...

How long are you going to be gone?
IT is a lot of work I agree. Hey, I tried to see your other blog but its set to private now. Are you keeping it just for you now? IF not can you add me darling?

Jolene said...

I agree, sounds like a lot of work, but you'll have fun with people you like/love (I'm guessing here).

I'm stuck, yes stuck, going to the in-laws for lunch and I don't know if I'm going to my parents' house for dinner. No invitations as of yet. I can't do dinner here, unless it is pizza :)

Melissa said...

We are doing a simple (did I say that) Thanksgiving at home. Nothing is ever Simple when it comes to Thanksgiving. Our small family of 7 will be eating, watching movies, and just enjoying the time together. I hope you have a Safe and Fun trip! You will be missed. =)