Monday, December 03, 2007

Deck the Halls!

Yesterday we focused on the house and getting all the decorations down out of the attic and in their annual places. The boys were in heaven! They ran around helping us decorate. We were glad for the help, but we were also worn out as they yelled, ran and screamed with breakables in each hand. It really was fun though and we're so glad they both enjoyed themselves. The tree is the biggest hit. They both marvel at the lights and ornaments. Joshua has to be told every five minutes that the balls are not "bouncy balls" and reminded that ornaments are decorations that stay ON the tree! It should be a fun 30 days and I should start taking bets on what gets broken first.


Joani said...

I am doing the exact same thing, I put our valuable ornaments at the top. :) It will indeed be a fun 30days.

Jess said...

We are also having a lot of "gentle touches" reminders! The tree is just so pretty and inviting with so many toddler sized toy looking ornaments on it that I can't blame Ella for wanting to touch them. Actually our tree looks sort of funny with all the breakable stuff up top and all the soft ornaments around the bottom! :-)