Monday, May 12, 2008

PT: Version2

This weekend I decided that Joshua should start experiencing the joys of potty training. I bought him the Fisher Price potty with all the bells and whistles (alla $30-cringe!). He peed in the potty the first night we had it and has decided it is the coolest invention ever. I guess my next investment will be Pull-ups and Underwear in his size so we can really hunker down. I hated potty training with Jacob. It was no secret that Potty Training for me was the hardest part of parenting with him. He was such an easy baby/toddler/child until potty training began and then it was pure torture. I'm hoping that between Joshua being almost 3 and the fact that he's seen Jacob go potty since he can remember that he'll pick this up quickly. My goal is to have one baby in diapers, not two. We shall see how it goes. Keep me in your thoughts during this time. I'll post updates as we go along with PT: Version2.


Shellbelle said...

If your success is smooth and swift, can I send you Madalyn? She is refusing and I am fast losing my patience.

Roselea said...

Good luck on the PT. I find that you either get them before they are two or wait until they are after three. I had one that finally trained right before his third birthday and two that trained really easily just before two. I am of the opinion the younger the child is makes it much easier.