Monday, June 30, 2008

Swim Lessons

Today marks Day One of YMCA Swim Lessons for Mr. Jake. He will be a "Pike" which means no swim experience. We decided that he needs to start learning since we will probably start with more family type activities (beach, waterparks, Disneyworld) in the not too distant future. Plus, he's asked and he seems willing and ready to learn. I'll have about 45 minutes of free time where I can sit and watch him learn from the bleachers. Joshua will enjoy the childcare center during the lessons, which he'll love. I'm just crossing my fingers that we don't catch a disease because our history with colds/upper respiratory infections caught at the Y isn't all that impressive. Plus, Joshua turns three next Saturday and we need him well for his Birthday Bash. I'll give a status report later this week on how the "Pike" is doing.

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Julia said...

I didn't realize that you don't go in the water with him! That is a great option. Some mommies just do NOT want to be in a swimsuit in front of a bunch of weirdos. LOL