Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Swim Lessons: Week 2

Jacob continues to do well in his swim lessons. He's in the "Pike" class now which is the beginner's class. His teacher talked to me before class today and told me that he's the most eager, advanced swimmer in all her Pike classes this session. I was beaming (of course)! She went onto say that he should be able to move onto the next level which is the EEL level. She will give us a written report on Thursday at his last swim lesson on his accomplishments and if he is officially able to move ahead another level. I will put him in another round this summer to get him more used to swimming and the water. He is really enjoying the time at the pool and I'm enjoying watching him. Last lesson is Thursday. My Mom is taking him because I have a repeat Level II scan that day to check on his baby sister. So, two more to go and he's done with this series. That went by fast!

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