Friday, July 18, 2008


I love me a Friday! Today Mr. Big is taking off early this afternoon so we can take the boys to go do something family oriented. I'm thinking maybe a movie and some popcorn. The cold a/c of a movie theater sounds the way to go in this hot Texas heat. We've been doing mini-family activities to compensate for not taking a large family vacation this year. We didn't want to venture that far off since I'm pregnant this year. Jacob starts Kindegarten in August so we also wanted to make it a memorable summer for him. So... today is going to be fun and we'll have good times together. The only downfall? My van has a dead battery. Sigh! It worked on Wednesday and was dead on Thursday morning. I'm guessing Mr. J.Q. was playing with some internal lights before he exited the vehicle. He does that a lot! So, hopefully a visit to Auto Zone today and not too much money later we'll have the van up and running again. Crossing my fingers! And, I'll have to figure out how to tell a three year old that leaving lights on in Mommy's van is UNCOOL!

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