Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thankful Thursday

1. My husband-He sacrifices himself every day to go to work and work long hours for us. I am able to stay at home to raise our children because of his hard work. He would love to be here every waking moment of every day to spend time with us, but he can not because of the economy, bills and financial obligations that most Americans have now a days. He loves his job, Thank God, but I still miss him during the day (and nights) when he's away from us. Not only is he a hard worker, he's my best friend in life and I couldn't imagine this crazy life without him in it.

2. My Boys-Each so unique. I sit and watch them in amazement. I can't believe they are mine!

3. My Parents-They help me out quite a bit and I'm thankful to have the support. My Mom makes it easy because she is so in love with the boys that all I have to do is mention a baby sitting job I have for her and she's hopping in her car on the way over. God send? Yes!

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