Friday, August 15, 2008

Kindergarten Orientation

We attended Kindergarten Orientation at the school last night. There wasn't much to it actually. We sat in the cafeteria and listened to the principal and then they introduced two of the kindergarten teachers to the crowd. I guess the other ones weren't there? We learned some things we didn't already know, but for the most part it was just a repeat of what was already given to us in our packets upon registration. Jacob was just excited to be sitting in the cafeteria. They have a rock wall to climb for P.E. and the kids were all over that. We get our teacher's name on August 19th when we return our packets to the school. We'll then start school on August 25th. They have a separate night where you can meet the teacher on September 4th. Obviously, we'll meet the teacher before that time because we'll drop Jacob off at his classroom until he gets the swing of things and can find his room on his own. They did tell us last night that they cut off parents walking their kids inside to their classes on September 8th. I better enjoy those two weeks of THAT!

Still freaking out. Still upset and sad. I think once that Monday gets here and I drop him off a huge weight will be lifted off of my shoulders. Right now it's just the anticipation and the sadness of letting my oldest baby go five days a week without me somewhere else. I'm going to lose a part of me and it just seems to hurt thinking about it.


Jerri Ann said...

We were allowed to walk our kindergartener in 2 days. That's it. But on day 2 Walker let me know he didn't need me. Thanks kid. It was a huge weight that first day, it really was. The second day when he got in trouble for talking....and the 3rd day same thing, and the 4th and the 5th...argh! Talk talk talk that's all that kid does apparently.

Christy said...

Enjoyed reading your blog. I teach kindergarten and this is always a great time for families. The little ones usually say, "See ya mom." and mom needs a tissue. You will both make it and love the fun of the next stage in their life.