Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sick Kids Suck!

Joshua is coming down from the cold I gave him last week. He's grouchy and only wants to eat fruit snacks. He is throwing things around the house and the cold medicine makes him into a beast. Man. So, that's him.

Then we have Jacob. He complains non-stop that he needs more cold medicine and that his throat hurts, his nose is running, he's uncomfortable on the sofa... just like his father! He's got the cold now and it's in the worst stages at the moment.

To top it off, Mr. Big is out of town until Tuesday afternoon. I'm home with two sick kids and am really trying to not re catch the very cold that started this mess in the first place. Where is the Nanny when I need her. As if...


Lisa said...

I hope everyone gets better soon!

Kristi said...

Yikes, pregnant with sick kids and no hubby.

I would never hit you(at least not while you are pregnant) LOL. Jacob's hair is pretty long though.