Sunday, August 17, 2008

Our Last Week

Monday is our last week together before Jacob starts Kindergarten. I don't have much planned and unfortunately Jacob is at the tail end of kicking a cold right now. Tuesday we have our neice coming over to hang out with us for awhile, Thursday I have a doctor's appt and weekly NST, Friday we have our annual PNC Ball and then it's onto the following week where my baby will go off into the big world. Sigh!

We have our tax free weekend going on right now so Adda and I went to buy the remainder of Jacob's school uniforms. He had such a good time trying on shirts and shorts for us in the dressing room. He was very proud when we told him how handsome he was. I love the fact that he enjoys shopping and hanging out with us (still). Thanks, Adda for the shorts!

So, One last week until I'm the official mother of a Kindergartner. I know, get over it, Aimee. Let me just cling onto this one last week when I have all three babies at home with me.


Lisa said...

I know it's hard, but I bet you'll adjust quicker than you think. It becomes hard not to get excited for them when you see how much they love learning. ((hugs))

That being said, I couldn't believe it when it occurred to me that Emily would be starting K in 2 short years!! :( How is that possible??

Kristi said...

I wish Gavin and Owen wore uniforms.