Monday, September 08, 2008

It's still early...

This is the latest projected path of Ike. I realize it's still early, but to a 36 week, high risk pregnant woman this tends to freak her out a bit. Never want to wish a storm on anyone and I only pray that it's not a strong storm and doesn't do much damage if it does in fact make landfall around the Galveston/Houston area. We live pretty close to the Gulf and the only evacuation we could pull off would be to drive up towards the Tomball area to stay with friends or family. My doctor instructed me when Gustav was looming to not evacuate unless it was a Cat 5 Hurricane with a direct hit to Houston. I'm guessing the same applies for Ike considering we're two weeks further than Gustav. Let's hope Ike is kind to everyone and doesn't do much damage.


andria said...

I always wanted a Sept. baby. I am now seeing how that might not be so great. At least down here in the south.

And then you have to wonder, do you evacuate early to avoid the traffic and take your kid out of school and then maybe it not hit at all. THat's where I'm at right now. We're going up to the lake Wed. night if it looks like it's coming this way.

Hurricanes. Southerners version of snow days.

Tiburon said...

I need you to take care of you and that baby. Please :)