Monday, September 08, 2008

My Favorite Monday

I'm not promising that I can keep up with this, but for today I'll play along like a good little blogger. Here goes... My Favorite Monday. I am totally copying my lover, Tib, today. She told us about her favorite Holiday today.

My favorite Holiday is Christmas. I know. Boring, right? To me, not so much. I remember growing up and enjoying Christmas. I didn't only enjoy the presents and the hoopla that came along with it, but I enjoyed the story of Jesus and the nativity scene. Everything around Christmas just seemed so BIG to me. The beauty and the creation of it all was amazing! It still is and now that I see it through my children's eyes it still amazes me and makes me feel young at heart. I love the smell of baked goods, turkey basting in the oven and the spices of the holidays. The traditions and the classic holiday could you NOT love this holiday?

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Tiburon said...

Love it. Thanks for playing. And thanks for the moosehat pic - made my whole day.