Monday, September 22, 2008

Relaxing Weekend & Hurricane Clean Up

Our house guests moved out on Friday and we decided to clean the house up some after they left. Mr. Big did most of the work while I played director from the recliner. The baby is laying so low in my pelvis right now that I swear she's about to deliver herself, as impossible as that really is with a cerclage in place. So, He straightened up and put things back into the garage that came in for the hurricane. Fans, Storm Stations, Flash Lights, Coolers, Extension cords for the generator, and just plain clutter. It's nice to see table tops and counter space again.

Even though he worked hard on the house we actually had a nice dinner on Saturday night together. Mr. Big's parents offered to watch the boys for us while we went on a last date before the baby comes. We took them up on their offer and found a mexican restaraunt (Jonny Tamales) that was open and gourged ourselves on chips, salsa and fajitas. Mmmmmm.

I can't tell you how sweet it was for my inlaws to babysit because they are still without electricity and are estimated to get theirs back on or after 9/25. I feel so bad for them. They do have a generator and they went and bought a window unit A/C for their bedroom, but it's still hot for them to sit in the house during the day. They are both so hard headed that they won't come and stay with us in fear of someone looting from them while they are away from their own home. They do have a point as looting and crime has gone up as people get more desperate.

Jacob is still out of school today. The operations and maintence are going back to work today, but teachers have yet to return. I'm guessing he'll be out till mid week at this rate. 14 of 22 schools are with power and they are making their decisions based on return of electricity to campuses. I'm not sure if his has power or not at this point. He is really sad that he's not in school. He loves it so much. I just keep telling him that he can go back as soon as they fix the school from the hurricane. So... that's the news there.

The smell of sewage is really bad throughout the city. The smell is not actually sewage, but the smell of all the piles of debris/trash piled up for the city to pick up after people have carted their homes to the curbs. The drywall, insulation and carpeting that was wet has now had a week to sit on the curb and create bacteria that reaks to high heaven! The trash pick up for regular trash has gone as scheduled, but the larger trucks are taking longer since Pearland sustained so much damage during the storm. I'm praying that the trucks come to our neighborhood soon because I don't like walking out on to my patio in the morning with the smell of sweet rot. Ewwwwww.

The world is slowly returning to normal. Mr. Big went into work today dressed in a suit and tie, which was nice to see. The kids ate breakfast at their normal time. I'm able to sit around in my PJs and catch up on my computer time. The stores and restaraunts are going back to business as usual. I just hope that the next week brings more normalcy to our lives. I think it will.


Tiburon said...

I am glad that things are getting back to normal. You deserve it!

Jen Taurus said...

I'm glad everything is well for you and your family. I feel bad for those who have lost so much.

I'm a NY'er living on the coast of NC and I have no clue what to do if one comes. I have friends who went through katrina so I know they could give me good advice.

I cannot wait to hear about the baby.

D said...

Normalcy? You do know that you're having a baby this week, right? Sorry, I had to laugh.