Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Week 2: Kindergarten

Last week went by quickly as we worked our way into a morning and afternoon routine getting the Big Guy off to school and picking him up. Joshua and I missed him a lot and you could tell we were both kind of down about him being gone. I tried to make it as fun as I could for Josh, but it still seemed just too quiet in the house. We ran some errands and did some things together and that was really nice. I think over time and when the baby comes it will get better.

Jacob loves school though and was very eager last week. He stayed in the green on the discipline stick and would come home every day telling us how many kids had moved to yellow, blue or red on the stick. His teacher said he was doing great on Friday when I dropped him off at his classroom. Day two he figured out that he could buy his lunch and asked me if I could send lunch money with him to school. I laughed at that because both Mr. Big and I wondered how long that would take. I went ahead and set up his online account with money in it. He loves hearing the menu and deciding if he's going to bring his lunch or eat at the cafeteria. He's also noticed that a few of the Moms have come to eat lunch with their child and he's asked me to come and eat lunch with him. I promised him that on Friday I would come and eat lunch. He has no idea that I can bring in McDonalds or something cool like that either. He's going to be over the moon excited and feel so special. I look forward to that. So, I am glad he's enjoying school and adjusting well. I admit it was nice having him home over that three day holiday weekend. I had my big guy to hug and kiss on.

This morning I parked the van and just walked him across the crosswalk in front of the school. I stood at the curb and let him walk in by himself. You could tell he was apprehensive, but with persuasion from me and about 10 rounds of hugs and kisses he walked in. I stood there for awhile just making sure he didn't come back out and when one of the kids opened the door I saw him rounding the corner. He saw me and waved and blew me a kiss. It was just the sweetest thing ever and I walked back to the van crying (of course)! Joshua was upset we didn't walk him into the school all the way to his class. I just want to get to where we can do the curb side drop off and he goes in by himself because next week is when the school cuts off parents walking up and dropping off.

We have our meet the teacher night on Thursday evening. I have already met his teacher and like her very much. She seems really sweet and caring which is just the type of personality that will mesh well with Jacob's personality. She is also very willing to talk to me when I drop him off and even asks me how he's doing at home after school. So, I like her already and I'm sure it will be fun to see Jacob's classroom. He's excited about it too.

So, here's to week two... hoping it goes as well as week one did!

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Kristi said...

Aimee, he is so sweet. I just love how our kids are at the same stages(all three of them). It would be great if we were closer.