Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Ready for the Fall...

I love this time of year as summer comes to an end and the Fall starts up. I love the pumpkin patches, the fall carnivals, the church functions, and then comes Christmas... that's my favorite holiday. I always feel giddy this time of year. I also feel young watching my children enjoy the holidays and the festivities. This year we'll have three little ones to share traditions with and it will be an adventure, I'm sure.

The boys are already talking Halloween costumes. They both want to be some sort of super hero. Captain America, Spiderman, Ironman and Superman have all been mentioned. I'm going to go ahead and cross out Spidey and Superman because we've done those two already. So, we'll see what we end up with this year. I want to dress Sarah up as a butterfly, but have yet to find a newborn size or 0-3 month costume for her. I just find larger sizes beyond 6-9 months.

November brings hunting season and a Louisiana trip to see Mr. Big's family over the Thanksgiving holiday. We traditionally spend our Thanksgiving with them and then we spend our Christmas Day with my parents. This year I'll have a little bitty one so I'm not sure how that is going to work out. We have to share a house and it's very cramped. I'm not looking forward to that part, but the food and family fun is always a treat! The boys really get into the hunting and love sitting in the stands with Daddy watching the deer. This year Jacob wants to see Daddy harvest a deer so I believe that Mr. Big is planning on letting him join on a doe hunt. He's still too young to shoot a rifle himself. So, a memorable year it should be there.

Christmas will be fun. Jacob and Joshua both love making lists of things they want for their birthdays and Christmas. Every time they see a cheesy commercial for a toy or art thing-a-ma-jig they exclaim "I want that for Christmas!". Ah, to be young again!

The main part of Fall that I love is the weather. I'm looking forward to mild temps with a cool breeze to sit out on the back patio and enjoy again. The heat is really taking it's toll on me and I'm so over it already. I know we probably have at least two more months of this, but I'm dreaming of some cooler weather and some fall festivities already!


BiBi said...

I can't wait for the fall either! It doesn't feel as hot anymore as it has - just a little tiny bit less hot LOL!

allieyd said...

Yesterday I felt a tease of Fall. The weather has been great and I don't want it to go away. This is my favorite time of year also, outdoors, fall colors, holidays, Christmas, college football games, etc. It gives me this extra energy.